Born out of a need for a more dynamic and more responsive digital media that will converge both four wheelers and two wheelers in one single platform, the motoring market and industry now have access to the newest website in the market for Cars and Motorcycles that is both chic and savvy.

Aptly named CARandRIDE, the motoring portal is custom designed to be realistic to the growing demands of a sophisticated and well informed market in an ever changing motoring landscape.

Offering not just cars and motorcycles per se, there is also a section for vehicle plate numbers where there is a strong following in the country. Vehicle Plate numbers, especially coveted ones, are unique in a sense that they are regarded as prized commodities, both in intrinsic value and as a prestige possession to their affluent owners.

As the industry and market grows, so does the need to offer alternative channels and medium to a more discerning audience. In this regard, CARandRIDE is designed to meet this demand.

Whether one uses a car or a motorcycle, one must always remember this,

"Enjoy The Journey".