Q1. Who is Owner?
A1. Owner is the private individual seller.

Q2. Who is Dealer?
A2. Dealer is the trade dealer or importer.

Q3. Who is Buyer?
A3. Buyer is the person who is interested to purchase an online item.

Q4. Where to place an advertisement to sell my car/ motorcycle/ number plate?
A4. Step 1 - Click on the button “Sell”.
      Step 2 – Complete the e-form and submit.
      Step 3 – Create advertisement and submit.
      Step 4 – Wait for approval email.
      Step 5 – Advertisement is approved once approval is received.
      Step 6 – If advertisement is requested for re-edit or rejected. Repeat Step 3.

Q5. Why do I get an Error message when I click on the advertisement links sent to my email?
A5. You will need to log-in first at CARandRIDE before you click on the link(s) sent to you for viewing.

Q6. Are there any charges for advertising on CARandRIDE?
A6. Currently, all advertisement listings are FOC (Free Of Charge) until further notice.

Q7. Who and how do I communicate with if I have any other questions to ask?
A7. Email us at : [email protected]